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2= Needlepoint SamplersObjects
3AdministrationLocations, Departments
4AlexaCharacters, Other Folks
5Alice K.Characters, Optics and Design
6Ambrose EaganCharacters, Eagan Family, Former Lumon Industries Employees
7Angelo ArtetaCharacters, Other Folks
8Areas of the Severed FloorLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
9Art in SeveranceThemes, Lists, Paintings
11Baird Creek BanditWritings
12Baird Creek ManorLocations, Housing
13Baird EaganCharacters, Eagan Family, Former Lumon Industries Employees
14BalfCharacters, Ricken's Friends
15BartenderCharacters, Other Folks
16Birthing DayEvents
18Branch Transfer SystemProcedures
19Break RoomLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
20Burt GoodmanCharacters, Former Lumon Industries Employees
21Burt’s MapObjects, Writings
22Caricature PortraitsObjects, Perks
23Carol D.Characters, Macrodata Refinement, Former Lumon Industries Employees
24Cat o’ Nine TailsObjects
25CecilCharacters, Other Folks
26Charlotte CobelCharacters, Cobel Family, Other Folks
27Checkout GirlCharacters, Other Folks
28Clean Slate CycleConcepts, Procedures
29Code DetectorsObjects, Concepts
30Coffee CoziesObjects, Perks
31Color in SeveranceThemes
32Compliance HandbookObjects
33Compliance Handbook ToteObjects
34Conference RoomLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
36Core PrinciplesConcepts
37Cornell ScoutCharacters, Mark's Family
38CringiesObjects, Food
39Damona Birthing RetreatLocations
40DaniseCharacters, Ricken's Friends
41Daria ThorneCharacters, Other Folks
42Defiant JazzEpisodes
43Defiant Jazz (Transcript)Transcripts
44Dell HatchCharacters, Other Folks
45Design in SeveranceThemes
47Devon Scout-HaleCharacters, Mark’s Family
48Devon and Ricken’s HomeLocations, Housing
49Dinnerless Dinner PartyEvents
50Disposal and ReclamationLocations, Departments
51Distribution SupplyLocations, Departments
52Dorner TherapeuticsCompanies
53Doug GranerCharacters, Administration, Former Lumon Industries Employees
55Dylan GeorgeCharacters, Lumon Industries Employees
56Dylan’s SonCharacters, Dylan’s Family, Other Folks
57Eagan BingoObjects, Writings
58Eagan Rotating RestaurantWritings
59Edgare WillitCharacters, Other Folks
60EleanorCharacters, Mark's Family
61Elephant Access CircuitProcedures, Concepts
62ElevatorLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
63Elevator allergy songMusic
64ElizabethCharacters, Optics and Design, Lumon Industries Employees
65Episode #2.1Episodes
66ErasersObjects, Perks
67Event CoordinatorCharacters, Other Lumon Industries Employees
68FabieCharacters, Other Folks
69FeliciaCharacters, Optics and Design, Lumon Industries Employees
70Finger TrapsObjects, Perks
71FissuremanCharacters, Other Folks, Music
72FlorenceCharacters, Other Lumon Industries Employees
73Food TokensObjects
75Fuck You, LumonMusic
76GNC NewsCompanies, Media Organizations {{:img 0037.jpeg?400| In, Season, 1, Episode, 3, “In, Perpetuity,”, Mark, turns, on, the, television, and, watches, a, news, segment, about, some, of, the, controversy, surrounding, the, severance, procedure., Also,, at, the, bottom, of, the, television, screen, it, shows, “4, States, to, Propose, Anti-Severance, Legislation.” A, GNC, reporter,, Steven,, is, asking, a, spokesperson, who, is, pro, severance,, Natalie,, what, her, thoughts, are, regarding, a, person, who, got, pregnant, a, month, after, becoming, severed., Below, is, the, dialogue, exchange, between, Steven, and, Natalie., , script, inset>Steven:, But, what, do, you, say,, Natalie,, to, the, woman, who, became, pregnant, at, work, less, than, a, month, after, her, company, went, severed? 00:08:01 Natalie:, Well,, first,, I’d, suggest, she, reveal, her, identity, if, she, wants, an, honest, conversation 00:08:05 Natalie:, about, her, experience. Steven:, How, could, she, have, that, conversation, when, her, workie, was, the, one, involved— Natalie:, Okay,, first, of, all,, workie? 00:08:11 Steven:, That,, as, I, understand,, is, the, preferred, term, among— 00:08:13 Natalie:, I, think, it’s, exactly, the, condescending, verbiage, that, I’d, expect, from, a, group, trying, to, save, people, from, their, own, choices. 00:08:18 Steven:, Choices?, Did, her, insie, have, a— 00:08:20 Natalie:, Insie?, Where, are, you, getting, these, terms? 00:08:22 Steven:, Fine., Call, it, someone, who’s, had, their, brain, split, in, half— 00:08:25 Natalie:, That, has, nothing, to, do, with, what, we, do, at, Lumon, nor, any, severance, procedure. 00:08:29 Steven:, I, understand, you, don’t, wanna, answer, my, questions… 00:08:31 Natalie:, I’m, answering, your, questions. Steven:, …because, it’ll, reveal, that, you, are 00:08:33 Steven:, complicit, in, something, totally, immoral. Natalie:, What’s, immoral, is—
77Gabby ArtetaCharacters, Other Folks
78Ganz (disambiguation)Disambiguation
79Ganz CollegeLocations
80Ganz, PELocations, Geographic Locations
81Gemma’s CandleObjects
82Gerhardt EaganCharacters, Eagan Family, Former Lumon Industries Employees
84Goat RoomLocations, Departments
85Goat WranglerCharacters, Other Lumon Industries Employees
87Good News About HellEpisodes
88Good News About Hell (Transcript)Transcripts
89Group PhotoObjects, Multimedia
90Guy at VenueCharacters, Other Folks
91Half LoopEpisodes
92Half Loop (Transcript)Transcripts
93HallwaysLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
94Harmony CobelCharacters, Administration
95Harmony Cobel's officeLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
96Helena EaganCharacters, Eagan Family, Lumon Industries Employees
97Helly: A Severed StoryVideos
98Hide and SeekEpisodes
99Hide and Seek (Transcript)Transcripts
100Ideographic CardsObjects
101Imogene EaganCharacters, Eagan Family
102Imogene's ClothingLocations
103In PerpetuityEpisodes
104In Perpetuity (Transcript)Transcripts
106Innie Retirement Song No. 19Music
107Innies and OutiesConcepts
108Irving BailiffCharacters, Lumon Industries Employees
109Irving’s FootlockerObjects, Lists
110Jame EaganCharacters, Eagan Family, Lumon Industries Employees
111Jim MilchickCharacters, Other Folks
112JuddCharacters, Other Lumon Industries Employees
113June KilmerCharacters, Petey's Family, Other Folks
115Kier EaganCharacters, Eagan Family, Former Lumon Industries Employees
116Kier Eagan Replica HouseLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
117Kier Invites You to Drink of His WaterPaintings
118Kier Life MagazineMedia Organizations
119Kier Taming the Four TempersPaintings
120Kier anthemMusic
121Kier, PELocations, Geographic Locations
122Kind EyesConcepts
123KitchenetteLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
124Kup O’ Kier CoffeeLocations
125Laser-Etched CrystalsObjects, Perks
126LawrenceCharacters, Other Lumon Industries Employees
127Leonora EaganCharacters, Eagan Family, Former Lumon Industries Employees
128Leonora LakeLocations, Housing
129List of CharactersCharacters, Lists
130List of EventsLists
131List of LocationsCharacters, Lists
132List of Lumon Industries CEOsLists
133List of Lumon Industries DepartmentsLocations
134List of ObjectsLists
135List of Severance EpisodesLists
136Lumon Brings Clean Water To LesothoWritings
137Lumon IndustriesLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
138Lumon Legacy of JoyLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
139Lumon's Eagan Family GalaEvents
140Macrodata RefinementLocations, Departments
141Macrodata Refinement FilesObjects
142Main LobbyLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
144Manual PagesWritings
145Margaret “Peg” KincaidCharacters, Former Lumon Industries Employees
146Mark ScoutCharacters, Lumon Industries Employees, Mark’s Family
147Mark’s FishAnimals
148Media WallMeta
149Melon BarPerks
150Midday StarLocations
151Miscellaneous TheoriesTheories
152Ms. CaseyCharacters, Other Lumon Industries Employees
153Music in SeveranceThemes, Lists
154Music/Dance ExperienceEvents, Perks
155Myrtle EaganCharacters, Eagan Family, Former Lumon Industries Employees
156Myrtle Eagan Credit UnionLocations
157Myrtle Eagan School for GirlsLocations
158NatalieCharacters, Administration, Lumon Industries Employees
159Newspaper Article About Lumon LawsuitWritings
160NinaCharacters, Petey's Family, Other Folks
161Optics and DesignLocations, Departments
162OswaldCharacters, Optics and Design, Lumon Industries Employees
163Other FloorsLocations
164Other Lumon Industries DepartmentsLocations, Departments
166Overtime Contingency ProtocolConcepts, Procedures
168PattonCharacters, Ricken's Friends
170Perpetuity WingLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
171Peter KilmerCharacters, Lumon Industries Employees, Reintegrated People
172Petey’s BathrobeObjects
173Petey’s MapObjects, Writings
174Petey’s PhoneObjects
175Phillip “Pip” EaganCharacters, Eagan Family, Former Lumon Industries Employees
176Pip’s Bar & GrilleLocations, Restaurants
177Pip’s VIP CardObjects
179Plant RoomLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
180Portraiture of Kier EaganPaintings
181Pre-Waffle Party Egg Bar SocialEvents, Perks
182Pretzels (Buttered)Objects, Food
183Probe Finds Grievous Health Violations at Birthing CenterWritings
184Quarterly QuotasConcepts, Multimedia
185Questions for DanMeta
187Raisins (Shriveled)Objects, Food
188RebeckCharacters, Ricken's Friends
189Rebeck’s BirdAnimals
190Refiner of the QuarterPerks
191ReghabiCharacters, Other Folks, Former Lumon Industries Employees
192Registration ConfirmationMeta
193ReintegrationConcepts See, also:, [[Theories]]
194RestroomLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
196Ricken HaleCharacters, Mark's Family
197Security OfficeLocations, Departments, Lists
198Security Office Protocol Quick Start GuidesWritings, Procedures
199Senior Refiner Morning ChecklistObjects, Writings
200Seth MilchickCharacters, Administration
201Seth Milchick's desk areaLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
202Severance (TV show)IRL
203Severance Design AssetsIRL
204Severance ProcedureConcepts, Procedures
205Severance SoundtrackMusic
206Severance WikiMeta
207Severance chipObjects
208Severance-Compliant ClothingObjects
209Severance: The Lexington LetterWritings
210Severance: The Lexington Letter (Transcript)Transcripts, Writings
211Severed FloorLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
212Severed LobbyLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
213Severed WristwatchesObjects
215Shrine to KierObjects
217Sourcing of Severance PropsIRL
218Spicy CandyObjects, Food
219StairwellLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
220StevenCharacters, Other Folks
221Storage ClosetLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
222Storage WingLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
223Swab GirlLocations
225Team-building SpaceLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
226Telephones and other communication devicesObjects
227Terminology of SeveranceConcepts
228Testing FloorLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
229The Bad SoapObjects
230The BoardCharacters, Administration
231The BridgeLocations
232The Compunction StatementWritings, Procedures
233The Courtship of Kier and ImogenePaintings
234The Four TempersConcepts
235The Four Tempers (dancers)Characters, Other Lumon Industries Employees
236The Grim Barbarity of Optics and DesignEpisodes
237The Grim Barbarity of Optics and Design (Transcript)Transcripts
238The Grim Barbarity of Optics and Design (painting)Paintings
239The Kier ChronicleLocations, Media Organizations
240The Macrodata Refinement CalamityPaintings
241The Macrodata Refiner’s Orientation BookletObjects, Writings
242The MidcenturionLocations
243The Subtle Inconsistencies of SeveranceLists
244The Topeka StarMedia Organizations
245The We We AreEpisodes
246The We We Are (Transcript)Transcripts
247The You You AreEpisodes
248The You You Are (Book)Objects, Writings
249The You You Are (Transcript)Transcripts
250The Youthful Convalescence of KierPaintings
251Theodore ShapiroIRL, Cast & Crew
252TheoriesTheories, Lists
253Theories About Macrodata RefinementTheories
254Theories About Part-Time EmployeesTheories
255Theories about ColorTheories
256Theories about IrvingTheories
257Theories about Kier, PETheories
258Theories about PeteyTheories
259Theories about Seth MilchickTheories
260Theories about SoapTheories
261Theories about The BoardTheories
262Theories about The RevolvingTheories
263Theories about the Four TempersTheories
265Typography in SeveranceThemes
266WKGU (radio station)Locations, Media Organizations
267WMC Activist 1Characters, Other Folks
268WMC Activist 2Characters, Other Folks
270Waffle PartyEvents, Perks
271Waking ChamberLocations, Lumon Industries HQ
273Wellness CenterLocations, Departments
274What is it Lumon actually does here?Theories
275What’s for Dinner?Episodes
276What’s for Dinner? (Transcript)Transcripts
277Whole Mind CollectiveOrganizations
278Wiki Meta PagesMeta
279Wiki ProjectsMeta
280Wiki StatisticsMeta
282Work-Life Balance PosterWritings, Objects
283Workplace Guidelines HandbookWritings

Untagged Pages

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