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Severance Soundtrack

The Severance Soundtrack consists of the original show score created by Theodore Shapiro.

Track # Title Episode Location
1 Main Titles All During the opening title sequence
2 Labor of Love Good News About Hell 9:13, Mark walking in the Hallways of the Severed Floor
3 Kimono Hallway Good News About Hell 55:20, just as Ms. Selvig says “Mark, you're good people”
4 Hall of Eagans In Perpetuity 34:35, just as Helly looks at Jame Eagan
5 Note To Self In Perpetuity 41:08, when Mark realizes Helly has slipped away from the Perpetuity Wing
6 Tokens In Perpetuity 49:03, when Mark finds Petey’s Map
7 Expiration Date Good News About Hell 34:13, when Mark is leaving for the day and heading to his car (and he receives the Pip’s card)
8 Still Vibrating In Perpetuity 55:21, when Mark is in his basement and hears Petey's Petey’s Phone vibrating
9 Tree of Life The You You Are 34:46, when Mark is driving to the tree where Gemma presumably died
10 Done For The Night The Grim Barbarity of Optics and Design 00:10, during Helly's hanging scene
11 Secret Places Hide and Seek 3:33, as Mark is retrieving Petey's phone
12 Interdepartmental Hide and Seek 14:15, when the MDR team begins their badass walk to O&D
13 After Hours Hide and Seek 36:00, when Mark talks with Reghabi and the doors to MDR are installed
14 Batter Up Defiant Jazz 03:12\*, when Mark is talking with Reghabi just before Graner appears
15 Safely Situated Defiant Jazz 15:02, when Dylan is walking to MDR and Mark is at his locker
16 The Four Tempers What’s for Dinner? 34:56, when Dylan is sitting on the founder's bed as The Four Tempers perform at the Waffle Party
17 That Innie The We We Are 20:03, as Cobel is racing back to Lumon
18 Cobel at Lumon The We We Are 33:26, as Milchick is speaking to Dylan and Cobel is arriving at the Lumon's Eagan Family Gala
19 She's Alive The We We Are 35:58, as Natalie is giving a speech


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