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Ms. Casey Ms. Casey
Also Known As Gemma
Portrayed By Dichen Lachman
Status Severed, “She’s alive!”
First Appearance Half Loop

Ms. Casey

Ms. Casey, formerly known as Gemma, is the wife of Mark Scout. She is a former Russian literature professor at Ganz College and the former wellness counselor on the Severed Floor at Lumon Industries. At the time of the events of season 1, she was presumed to have died 2 years ago in a car crash, leaving Mark’s Outie mourning and depressed. However, Mark’s Innie discovered in The We We Are that she was alive as Ms. Casey.



  • Gemma’s original name was Lynn in honor of show creator Dan Erickson’s mother but was later changed for reasons yet unknown.[1]
  • Ms. Casey does not wear or carry a keycard, unlike the other employees on the Severed floor. This adds credence to the theory that as a part-time employee, she never leaves the severed area of Lumon.

Quotes & Dialogue

Your outie is kind.

Season 1, Episode 8, “What’s for Dinner?” (12:49)


Season 1

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