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This is a wiki all about Severance, the hit TV show on Apple TV+.

Severance Title Card

Settle into a comfy chair, grab a handful of Cringies or some Raisins (Shriveled), and browse around at your leisure. If you’re interested in joining our community of editors, please do! Eager to contribute? These pages could use a wellness session.

Irving’s Footlocker

Irving’s footlocker is where Irving keeps his most valuable possessions. It contains US Navy uniforms, seemingly belonging to Irving’s father, a photo with “Dad” ... View article


Radar is Irving’s pet dog. He is obviously a Very Good Boy, though we don’t know nearly enough about him. View article

Good News About Hell

Good News About Hell is the first episode of the first season of Severance. View article

Mark Scout

Mark Scout (born April 3, 1978) is a former college professor of history, specializing in World War I, at the university in Ganz. He now works at Macrodata Refiner and th... View article

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