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Irving’s Footlocker

Irving’s footlocker Irving’s footlocker

Irving’s footlocker is where Irving keeps his most valuable possessions. It contains US Navy uniforms, seemingly belonging to Irving’s father, a photo with “Dad” written on the back, and pieces of information in the bottom compartment that appear to be part of his investigation into Lumon Industries and Severance.

In The We We Are when Innies use the Overtime Contingency Protocol to wake up in the outside world, Irving’s Innie finds himself at his house and immediately begins to look around in hopes of learning more about himself. After scanning the closet, he notices a locked storage chest on the floor, piquing his curiosity. He pushes it out in the room to examine and uses the key found in his pocket to open the footlocker.

Footlocker’s contents

Newspaper article

Newspaper article titled “Severed Worker Sues for Information Following Injury” Newspaper article titled “Severed Worker Sues for Information Following Injury”[1]

Kier, PE - Today marks the first of many long days in court for what is sure to be one of the region’s more contentious civil trials in recent memory. The plaintiff, Dalton Emory, is suing his former employer, Lumon, in an attempt to get his former employer to divulge the accurate details pertaining to an injury that occurred while he was Severed and on company property. Emory claims that when he passed the severance threshold on his way home from a day at work, his left hand begun to throb violently. By the time he arrived at his car, the throbbing morphed into sharp shooting pain. “I saw an envelope with my name carefully placed under his windshield. When I opened the envelope I was given the Lumon version of the injury that occurred that day, ‘Dear Mr. Emory . . .’

“Lumon needs to be held accountable”

. . . work, the doctor insisted that still having pain is common with printer-related injuries. The doctor gave him a salve, and told him to apply it on the finger twice daily, and that he should take it easy and relax. The salve did nothing, and a few days later Emory no longer had feeling in his left index finger, rendering the digit decorative. He consulted with a doctor who was not on Lumon’s payroll. The specialist determined that his injury was most likely caused by a blunt force, not an accidental crushing . . .

. . . unethical.’ The doctor has recommended Emory try using leeches to help regain the blood flow to his fingertip. Emory has said he is willing to do just about anything to regain the sensations he has now lost. He now finds himself struggling with elevator buttons, selecting his preferred gas variety, and entering his pin number. His life forever changed by this injury. Emory’s doctor believes that his outcome may not have been as severe if he were given the full story and appropriate medical attention. He is now suing Lumon in an effort to ascertain the un-falsified information regarding his injury, and a cash settlement to offset past and future medical bills. The plaintiffs’ legal counsel is confident that they will be able to sway a jury. His lawyer, Mick Therdone, agreed to comment on the trial: “Now that permanent damage . . .”

List of severed employees

Number Name (A–Z) Notes (incl. Irving’s) Name in Security Office Assigned Department Bypass (Normal/Emergency) Crew Member? Role
1 Chris Agelis Severance Date: 8-12; Age: 48?
2 brothers
Yes Payroll Clerk
2 Peter Agliata Severance Date: 6-14 (16?)
X next to name
Peter A. CE
Yes Green Camera Operator (Camera and Electrical Department)
3 Sebastian Almeida Sebastian A. Yes Libra Tech (Camera and Electrical Department)
4 Travis Anderberg Journalist at The Kier Chronicle[2] Yes Assistant Property Master (Art Department)
5 Neal Andrus Neal A. Yes First Assistant Accountant
6 Daniel Aviles 7856 Magnolia Ln. Apt 2B Kier, PE 07458 Daniel A. CE
Yes Property Assistant (Art Department)
7 Frank Aviles Frank A. WN
Yes Production Secretary
8 Jonathan Azoulai 31, Undergraduate Degree in Computational Mathematics Jonathan A. WN
Yes First Assistant Accountant
9 Irving Bailiff 424 Plainside Dr. Kier, PE 07452 Irving B. MDR
10 Amy Baker Age: 31; lives near Lumon Amy B. TA
Yes Health and Safety Captain
(Amy K. Baker)
11 Kansas Ballesteros Kansas B. TA
Yes Camera Loader (Camera and Electrical Department)
12 Becca Banks Severance Date: 5-18 Yes On-Set Dresser (Art Department)
13 Ryan Bard
14 Rachel Barker Yes Set Decorator Shopper
15 Tricia Barsamian 346 Stout Rd Kier, PE 07450 Tricia B. D&R
Yes Shopper (Costume and Wardrobe Department)
16 Andrew Baseman Severance Date: June 2008 (or 2009 records conflict)
son honored for local charity work
MA in Philosophy (?) ←
Yes Set Decorator
17 Alice Bee Alice B.
(may be Alice Brodhead)
Yes Camera Scenic
18 Ashley Bernes Yes Visual Effects Supervisor
19 Katie Beyeler Yes Office Production Assistant
20 Matthew Blades Severance Date: 1-4-?
Parents 50th anniversary in paper June 16th, Born in Boston?
Matthew B. CE or TA
Yes Rigging Best Boy (Camera and Electrical Department)
21 Sarah Blanton
22 Nelson Bobadilla Nelson B. TA
Yes Location Assistant
23 Sheila Bock has black dog Yes Assistant Set Decorator (Art Department)
24 Joe Brennan Age: 43
Divorced, no kids
Yes Transportation Co-Captain
25 Alice Brodhead Arrow next to name Alice B.
(may be Alice Bee)
26 Julia Brown Julia B. CE
Yes Shop Costumer (Costume and Wardrobe Department)
27 Ian Burley Ian B. W&A
Yes Location Assistant
28 Karen Campbell tried to make contact Karen C. TA
29 Roberto Capriotti Severance Date: 10-21 Yes Assistant Production Coordinator
30 Katie Carroll Yes First Assistant Director
31 Kevin Casaletta Age: 52
Daughter Awarded Kier Education Scholarship (Anna 14)
Is there a connection??
Yes Dimmer Board Operator (Camera and Electrical Department)
32 Benjamin Chacko Yes Location Assistant
33 Ry Chapman (Possibly) Chapman R. TA
34 Lucy Cobbs Yes Set Costumer (Costume and Wardrobe Department)
35 Doug Coleman Severance Date: 11-19-; Age: 45
Car crash May 2007, fractured left hand
Lawsuit w/City re:stop sign placement
Did the settlement lead to Severance?
Yes Special Effects Coordinator
36 Liza Conatelli Liza C. W&A
37 Katie Croasdale
38 Sasha Cummins Age :41 Sasha C. W&A
Yes Key Hair
39 Michelle Darwich
40 Stephen Davan Yes Assistant Art Director (Art Department)
41 Aleeza DeAlto Severance Date: 7-14 Aleeza D. WN
42 Carol Deelay Is She Married Carol D. MDR Yes Set Costumer (Costume and Wardrobe Department)
43 Kate Del Valle 9812 S. Meyers St, Unit 4F Kier, PE; Age: 33 Kate D. TA
Yes Costume Production Assistant (Costume and Wardrobe Department)
44 Debbie Delisi Connection Debbie D. CE
Yes Extras Casting
45 Bryan Dembinski Connection Bryan D. EQP
Yes Production Sound Mixer (Sound Department)
46 Rocco Dimase Connection Rocco D. TA
Yes Production Supervisor
47 Colleen Dolan Connection Colleen D. D&R
Yes On-Set Property Master (Art Department)
48 Patrick Donahue Age:28; Spouse (Partner) M. Haymers Yes Dolly Grip (Camera and Electrical Department)
(Patrick K. Donohue)
49 William Duncan Yes Best Boy Construction Grip (Camera and Electrical Department)
50 Sam Ellison might have son Sam E. CE
Yes Blue Camera Operator (Camera and Electrical Department)
51 Johnny Erbes-Chan Severance Date: 5-23 (25?) Johnny E. W&A
Yes Key Grip (Camera and Electrical Department)
52 Kathy Fellegara Kathy F. CE
Yes Construction Medic (Additional Crew)
(Kathleen Fellegara)
53 Stan Fernandez 7653 Manor Rd. unit 3, Kier
Softball Coach for volunteer group, kids in STEM
Yes Camera Operator (Camera and Electrical Department)
(Stanley Fernandez Jr.)
54 Devon Fiegel Devon F. W&A
Yes Production Coordinator
55 Joshua First Yes Hair Stylist
56 Kenneth Floyd Yes PPE Administrator
57 Nick Francone Nick F. W&A
Yes Additional Production Designer (Art Department)
58 Dylan George Dylan G. MDR
59 Kenneth Gerston Severance Date: 1-12 (14?)↗ Kenneth G. EQP
Yes Foreman Carpenter (Kenneth Scott Gertsen)
60 Ryan Ginter Age:39 Ryan G. CE
Yes Costume Production Assistant (Costume and Wardrobe Department)
61 Nick Gonzalez Nick G. WN
Yes Health and Safety Locations Assistant
62 William Gonzalez Yes Best Boy Grip
63 Burt Goodman 3329 Gull Harbor Rd. Kier, PE 07453 Burt G. O&D
64 Michael N. Green Michael G.
(may be Michael Guthrie)
Yes Shop Electric
65 John Greene Yes Special Effects Foreman
66 Miguel Grell
67 Dylan Griffin Age: 58 → Who else is 58? Yes Key Construction Grip
(Dylan E. Griffin)
68 Marissa Grinstead 987 Blacksmith St. Apt 9
Husband died of bone cancer
69 Michael Guthrie Michael G.
(may be Michael N. Green)
Yes Green Camera First Assistant (Camera and Electrical Department)
70 Mandy Hackenberg Mandy H. D&R
71 Michael Hackett Pays No Property tax
72 Alec Hansen Alec H. EQP
Yes On-Set Dresser (Art Department)
73 Nick Hartman Yes Payroll Assistant
74 Joe Hefferman Undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering Joe H. WN
Yes Special Effects Coordinator
75 Atiyeh Hess Atiyeh H. D&R
Yes Lead Industrial
76 Deirdre Horgan Yes Script Supervisor
77 Ace Huggins Ace H. WN
Yes Leadperson
78 Luke Iaciofano Luke I. EQP
Yes Sound Utility
79 Nils Johnson Nils J. EQP
Yes Video Assistant (Camera and Electrical Department)
80 Will Jones Will J. W&A
81 Shoko Kambara Severance Date: 4-4-07 Shoko K. W&A
Yes Assistant Art Director (Art Department)
82 Ernie Karpeles Ernie K. EQP
Location Scout
83 Hames [sic] Kenny Scholarship for Kier Coding Boot camp
Age: 22
Yes Assistant Location Manager
(James Kenny)
84 Peter Kilmer Peter K. MDR
85 Hinju Kim No Records — Yes Assistant Art Director (Art Department)
86 Marty Kirchoff Marty K. EQP
Yes Key Carpenter
87 Michal Klaus 4589 Caley Ave. (condo?) No House
Police Report 009234- no access
88 Sam Klemmer Severance Date: 4-4-07 Yes Assistant to Adam Scott
89 Donald Kozma Donald K. CE
Yes Key Make-Up
90 Arizona Newsum Arizona N. W&A
Yes Art Department Coordinator
91 Atsushi Nishijima Yes Still Photographer (Camera and Electrical Department)
92 Jason Turner Jason T. WN
Yes Property Asssistant (Art Department)
93 Bryan Walsh Yes Property Asssistant (Art Department)

Site plans and LAT-RAL Logistics invoices

The receive address on the invoice reads, “4 Lumon Blvd., Building 2, Kier, PE 22351.“ The top left table mentions a name, “Luke Taylor,” and has a note reading “contract agent.”

Date Description Code Amount
01-15 Expedited Customs Deliver, 4 Palettes, Non-Flammable 009 467.89
02-15 Shipping **Code 9923
Packing Materials
Green Materials/Carbon Offset
Balance Due: $2887.28

Above the Logistics invoices are several Lumon personnel files, a “Commercial Property Lease Agreement,” and an Arrest Warrant for Stan Fernandez, another severed employee.



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