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This site is spoiler-laden.
Proceed with caution.

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Severance Wiki

The Severance Wiki is an independent community-driven project with the mission of thoroughly documenting all aspects of Severance and having fun along the way.

While a few other wikis existed at the time of its creation, they were all hosted on Fandom. While Fandom enables the rapid creation and hassle-free hosting of wikis, it’s also a dumpster fire of hostile UX and rampant oppressive advertising. The fans—and creators—of Severance deserve better.


The wiki runs a heavily modified version of DokuWiki maintained by Neatnik. (Wiki Meta Pages) It should be noted that Neatnik is possibly the most dedicated and welcoming fan of Severance ever. Praise Neatnik!


Code of Conduct


The wiki requires registration and approval before editors can contribute. This is intended to keep vandals and other troublemakers away.


The entire wiki is one large spoiler zone (and is indicated as such on the sidebar). Masking or otherwise labeling spoilers is not practical, given the sheer volume of content that could be regarded as a “spoiler” and the inability to know what any given reader has or has not yet seen.

The management of this wiki strongly recommends that you watch the 9 episodes of Severance currently available on AppleTV+ so that you can enjoy these articles. You won't regret it.


This wiki is theory-friendly, but articles focus on fact first. Information that is theoretical or speculative is always indicated as such. In addition, theory is separated from fact (and cross-linked where appropriate), so it’s easy to know if you’re viewing canon or speculation.

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