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The We We Are Title Card
Episode Number 1.9
Directed By Ben Stiller
Written By Dan Erickson
Premiered April 8, 2022
Runtime 40 minutes
Previous Episode What’s for Dinner?
Next Episode Episode #2.1

The We We Are

The We We Are is the ninth and final episode of the first season of Severance.




Guest Starring




Dan Erickson cameo at 10:11 Dan Erickson cameo at 10:11

  • During the book reading, Severance creator Dan Erickson makes a cameo appearance as one of the attendees. He is seen speaking to Devon and even says hi to Mark as he passes by him.

Quotes & Dialogue

I don't know if I hate senators or congressmen more.

— Natalie, (01:36)

I have small eyes, so I have to read pretty close. […] And I have some sores on the back of my head from my bird. You might see them.

— Rebeck, (07:13)

Balf. Prepare the neti pot.

— Ricken, (14:20)

I don't know why my voice shakes like that. I sound like a sad old hamburger waiter prattling on about sauces. 'Hamburger waiter.' What the fuck is that? Jesus, why do I ever open my buffoon mouth?

— Ricken, (14:57)

No, I don't think severance divides us. I think it brings us together.

— Helly [on video], (19:50)

Thank you for going through with this. The Grandfather would cherish what you've done. And one day you will sit with me at my revolving.

— Jame Eagan, (23:09)

Forgive me for the harm I've caused this world. None may atone for my actions…but me. And only in me shall their stain live on. All I can be is sorry. And that is all I am.

— Helly, [to herself] (24:54)

I just want to know why. Why he put me in there.

— Mark, (27:34)

It's a nice name. Gemma.

— Mark, (28:38)

She was wonderful. She made you wonderful.

— Devon, (28:50)

The goddamn OTC's been triggered! Mark S. is his fucking innie!

— Cobel, (29:44)

I'll take care of Helly. I'll fix it like I fix everything.

— Cobel, (29:56)

I wanna remember my fucking kid being born!

— Dylan, (33:19)

Devon, she's here! I found her. I found your child. I'm the one who found her!

— Patton, (35:31)

Your company. Who do you think you are? No. Your friends are gonna suffer. Mark will suffer. You'll be long gone, but we'll keep them alive, in pain.

— Cobel, (36:30)

My name is Helly R. I'm an innie. And everything they've told you about severance is a lie!

— Helly, (37:56)

She's alive!

— Mark, (38:31)

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