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Jame Eagan Jame Eagan
Portrayed By Michael Siberry
Status Alive
First Appearance In Perpetuity

Jame Eagan

Jame Eagan is the current and 8th CEO of Lumon Industries, having taken over the position from Leonora Eagan in 2003. He is the father of Helena Eagan, and a descendant of Lumon founder Kier Eagan.




  • In The We We Are, Jame Eagan is wearing a silver pinkie ring with a vintage Lumon logo design.[1] The same logo can be seen in Harmony Cobel’s Kier Shrine.[2]

Quotes & Dialogue

History lives in us, whether we learn it or not.

[as seen on a wall plaque in the Perpetuity Wing], Season 1, Episode 3, In Perpetuity (33:59)

Come now, children of my industry, and know the children of my blood.

[as quoted by Irving B.], Season 1, Episode 3, In Perpetuity (34:10)

I cried in my bed when they told me what she tried to do to you.

Season 1, Episode 9, The We We Are (22:58)


Season 1

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Season 1, Episode 9, The We We Are (22:55)
Season 1, Episode 6, Hide and Seek (1:57)
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