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Ricken Hale Ricken Hale
Also Known As Ricken Lazlo Hale
Portrayed By Michael Chernus
Status Alive
First Appearance Good News About Hell

Ricken Hale

Dr. Ricken Lazlo Hale, Ph.D. is an inspirational author of five self-help books, the most recent of which is The You You Are. He is Devon Scout-Hale’s husband and Mark Scout’s brother-in-law.


Early life

Ricken Hale was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, to two semi-successful theatre artists who both came from old money. Both his conception and his birth took place on stage as part of a 9-month performance piece. Ricken’s parents were emotionally distant and viewed Ricken as an unsophisticated child. They resented that they had to teach him how to speak and about the basics of art and culture. Ricken was a painfully shy teenager but found solace in writing plays and poetry. Ricken eventually worked up the courage to share his writing with his parents but they mocked it as “pedestrian.” When Ricken turned 18, his parents forwarded him a large chunk of his inheritance with the understanding that they’d have little to do with him until he found his “real voice.”[1]

After misguided attempts at being a lamp electrician, a daffodil gardener, and a tree-and-pond photographer, Ricken returned to his first childhood passion of introspective writing. [2]

Ricken fell immediately for Devon’s dry wit and ability to affectionately and kindly call him out on his pretensions. She was the grounding force that he lacked in his life. She found him to be funny and fascinating and sweet. Despite his pretentiousness.[3]

Books he has written include most recently, The You You Are: A Spiritual Biography of You, as well as My Own Petard, Life of an American Gadfly, Wisdom from the Withered, and The Fun in Profundity. [4]


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