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The Kier Chronicle

Your Trusted Source for Goings-On in Kier and the Greater World

The most reliable news source in the greater Kier area, bringing you unbiased news of the day as well as tips and tricks for a happier living through the philosophy of Kier Eagan, town founder.

The Chronicle has been in daily publication since 1893. Currently a copy costs 75 cents.

Reporters for the Kier Chronicle undergo rigorous education before embarking upon their careers with the paper, and take their work very seriously. There is never any question that any of them would betray the love and trust of their umbrella organization, Lumon Industries. However, Chronicle writers do not shy away from news that challenges the perfect ideals of Lumon.

Irving's innie discovers a clipping of an article from the Chronicle in his footlocker detailing a lawsuit against Lumon after an employee is injured. It alleges other malfeasance as well.

Credited staff writers include: Catherine Miller, Tansy Michaud, Angelica Borrero, Arizona Newsum, Nick Francone, and Travis Anderberg

Other articles featured in the Kier Chronicle:

Phoenix: Playing Severed Man in Biopic was "Heartbreaking"

As Anti-Severance Bill Looms, Lumon Awaits Vote

Ganz College Applicants Surge after new Lumon Science Wing Announcement

Police Suspect 'Baird Creek Bandit' in Break-in of Lumon Manager's Home

Lumon Brings Clean Water To Lesotho

Local Artist Makes Sculptures from Lumon Microchips

New Virus makes its way to Kier, Lumon Installs Fever Checkpoints

Foreign Hack Suspected in Deadly Statewide Blackout

Coffee Pod CEO BLasts Traditional Brewing Methods

Plastic Ban Can Wait, According to Lawmakers

Probe Finds Grievous Health Violations at Birthing Center

Fish are Kier's Most Popular Pet!

Study Finds Link Between Traffic, Depression

Sheriff Apologizes for "Bad joke" About Inmate Obesity, Will not Resign

Pip's Bar & Grille To Receive Kier Star for Excellence in Dining

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