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A Story of A Severed Man

Workie is the title of a biopic about former Lumon employee Tobin Roy.

As reported in The Kier Chronicle:

HOLLYWOOD - Oscar-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix who plays a Severed man in the upcoming biographical drama Workie, was reportedly shaken by the experience. “Joaquin's, like, just now coming out of it,” said a source close to the production. “It's been a trip, 'cause he's playing basically two people, one of whom has no life experience outside of his workplace. So it's always like, “Wait, what do I know in this scene? Do I know what music is? Do I know the Beatles?”

In the film, based on true events, Phoenix plays Tobin Roy, A Severed employee of Lumon Industries who in 2017 petitioned the Supreme Court to allow him to marry his work self, or “Workie.” Roy claimed in his filing that his Workie was a separate person with his own thoughts and feelings, and that the two should thus be allowed to wed under the law. The decision was struck down 4/5 by the conservative court. “We've all gotten to know Tobin. He's a mess,” said the source. “The man he loves is still alive somewhere in his own brain, but he can't access him, can't talk to him. It's heartbreaking. Severed people are people, man.”

According to the Kier Chronicle, the rest of the world outside Kier, anyway, refers to innies as Workies and outies as Suities. This reporter thinks Suities is a ridiculous name.

It should be noted that the Beatles quote above was repeated in the Entertainment Weekly interview on the Thursday of San Diego Comic Con 2022 when the Severance panel took place, and after the Chronicle had already been published. This wiki contributor feels that all of the performers portraying the severed experience are equally as entitled to accolades as Mr. Phoenix.

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