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Kier, PE
Founded 1892
Population Unknown

Kier, PE

Kier, PE is located in a state abbreviated PE that is in the USA. The town is named Kier after the founder of Lumon Industries, Kier Eagan. It is where the majority of the Severance series takes place. It is approximately a 15 minute drive from the town of Ganz, PE. The local radio station in Kier is WKGU (radio station) and the local paper is The Kier Chronicle.


License Plates

A Kier license plate A Kier license plate

License plates for Kier carry the motto “Remedium Hominibus”, which means “a cure, for mankind.”[1] They also feature the face of Kier Eagan in the center.


At Lumon, the Innies are intentionally made to feel unmoored from time and space, and that bleeds into the town a bit too. We wanted the town to feel like an extension of Lumon in a way.

Dan Erickson, Reddit AMA

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