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Damona Birthing Retreat

The Damona Birthing Retreat is comprised of cabins ranging from the rustic to the luxurious on a lake in the state of PE. It is the location of the birth of Devon Scout-Hale and Ricken Hale's daughter, Eleanor.

Devon also meets Gabby Arteta who is in a more plush cabin than her own when Devon goes in search of coffee during a break between contractions. Gabby's third child, Bradley, is born here as well.

The name Damona means “divine cow.”

It becomes apparent, when Devon encounters Gabby again in the park with their new babies, that Gabby was severed in such a manner as to separate her regular life from the memory of giving birth; she reinforces this fact in her conversation at the Eagan Family Lumon's Eagan Family Gala with Helly.

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