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Midday Star

Midday Star is the gas station and convenience store where Petey collapsed and died. It is staffed by Checkout Girl.

Cooler products

  • Enlytenment Enhanced 16 Oz can
  • Kinkajou Kola 20 Oz plastic bottle
  • Electro L(lime?) Blueberry
  • Peppucino Bottled Cappucino Drink
  • American Great Lakes Springs water bottle
  • Mindcraft New England IPA
  • Rose (You) Say wine can
  • Poignant Pinot Grigio wine can
  • Merlot Mixtape wine can
  • Top of can: Visitor Fine Wine? Drawing of open hands under a large eye
  • Bottom of wine can: (something in or of) New England
  • Styx egg-flavored kettle chips (red bag, river styx)
  • Cringies potato crisps (blue bag)
    • Devon is eating from a big bag of these in 1×01
  • Bellingham cigarettes behind the cash register
  • roman - hair care products behind the cash register
    • real world brand, hair loss treatment
Services Offered at the Midday Star

Radiator Flush & Refill - $29.95 (Reg. $39.95) Premium Winter Inspection - $44.30 Front Disc Brakes - $69.95 (Reg. $89.95) (Includes free brake inspection)

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