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Pip’s Bar & Grille

Pip’s Bar & Grille is a small restaurant in Kier, PE.

The restaurant is a mid-century style building with large glass windows and several booths for sitting, as well as a counter with bar style seating.

The restaurant is named for Phillip “Pip” Eagan, a former CEO of nearby Lumon Industries. It is unclear what relationship between Lumon and the restaurant is, though like many locations in Kier, the company likely either owns or funds it heavily.

When the Innie Mark S. sustains a minor injury during Helly R.’s orientation, his Outie is given an apology note and a Pip’s VIP Card as compensation. The card grants Mark a visit to the restaurant’s “Pip’s VIP” section, where he later goes to have a meal.

During this meal, Petey approaches him for a second time, revealing to Mark that Petey was once severed as he is, and that they were good friends on the Severed Floor of Lumon. Petey was Mark's best friend.

Filming Location

The Phoenicia Diner stands in as Pip’s for filming. Located in Ulster County, NY, the diner was built in 1962 and was moved to its present location in the Hudson Valley (Google Maps) in the early 1980s, according to the official website for the restaurant.

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