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Innie is the term used to distinguish the 'work life' portion of a person from the 'personal life' portion (Outie) of a person after they have elected to undergo the Severance Procedure.

The terms Innie and Outie are only used by Innies.


An Innie experiences existence only within the confines of the Severed floor at Lumon Industries. From an Innie's point of view, life is an unending series of work days.

Innies retain some personal attributes from their outside life, such as language skills, sense of humor, and general knowledge, but possess no personal memories of anything outside of the work boundary.

Innies often confess to being deeply curious about the life of their Outie - that is, the part of them that gets to leave work. They may speculate about talents or relationships based upon scant evidence. Sometimes they are given vague details about their Outie life during a Wellness Center session. To an Innie, the Outie is the fortunate half of them that they yearn to know more about. Innies feel connected to, yet betrayed by, their Outie.

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