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Baird Creek Bandit

As reported in The Kier Chronicle

The Baird Creek Bandit is a serial burglar targeting the homes in the greater Baird Creek Manor development in Kier. This article appears after the Bandit targeted their fifth victim, a [NAME REDACTED].

[The victim] noticed that the apartment didn't seem disheveled, but the sink in the kitchen was running hot water. “I ran to turn off the sink, thinking that there was no way that [I] could have left it on all day. I didn't even use the sink before I left for work.” [The victim] was suspicious that a break-in may have occurred. “I went to check my valuables immediately. Upon examining my attic I noticed that my grandfather's watch was not in the box. Upon that discovery I began to scour the apartment for anything else that might be missing.” To [the victim's] dismay, the thief also managed to steal several tapes [the victim] recorded of [themself] playing piano. “The tapes only hold sentimental value,” [the victim] commented; [and] then immediately called Kier police…

The Bandit has been breaking and entering during work hours into apartments throughout the Baird Creek Townhouses. The Bandit is meticulous and manages to leave nothing behind, i.e. fingerprints, hair, or loose clothing fibers. This duteous consistency leads detectives to believe that the Baird Creek Bandit must be familiar with crime scene investigations, or be of a military background. In an attempt to distract from the crime scenes' sterility, the Baird Creek Bandit then creates a simulated mess, knocking over a piece of furniture, leaving the refrigerator door open, letting a bathtub overfill with water.

As for the loot, the Baird Creek Bandit likes to pillage the victims of one valuable item. Be it jewelry, art, technology, cameras, etc. The Baird Creek Bandit seems to be more of a collector and less of a burglar. The fifth [incident] was the first that the Baird Creek Bandit took more than one item. Despite this, Kier police are very certain that this is another crime perpetuated by the Baird Creek Bandit. The Baird Creek Bandit is still at large, and the Kier police have no leads. There have yet to be any compelling findings at any of the crime scenes.

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