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Baird Creek Manor

The sign at the entrance to Baird Creek Manor The sign at the entrance to Baird Creek Manor

Baird Creek Manor is a Lumon-subsidized housing development located in Kier, PE. Mark and Mrs. Selvig are the only two known residents.

Sources have indicated that Seth Milchick resides in Baird Creek Townhouses, presumably part of the greater development of Baird Creek Manor.

The development, named after past Lumon CEO Baird Eagan, consists of identical blue townhomes.

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The homes in Baird Creek Manor are two to three stories, though both Mark and Mrs. Selvig live in two-story models. Each has a basement. The kitchens are small and simple, but functional.


The neighborhood rests at the base of a wooded hill, situated beside a cemetery.

Baird Creek Manor


  • The real-life location of Baird Creek Manor is the Village Gate Townhouses in Nyack, NY (Google Street View).
  • The Baird Creek development is plagued by a wily burglar known as the Baird Creek Bandit.

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