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Helly: A Severed Story

Helly: A Severed Story

This is a transcript of the looping video of Helena Eagan speaking about why she feels she couldn’t ask her employees to do something she would not do and how she got the Severance procedure done. This appears in the finale to Season 1.[1]

My name is Helena, and I’m an Eagan. So, one of the things you learn growing up as an Eagan is that the workers are our family. And I remember being confused about that as a kid because I thought that meant I had a few hundred thousand literal brothers and sisters scattered around the world. Oh, my God. But as I grew older, I learned that it’s about shared ideals. My dad used to make me recite the nine Core Principles before bed every night, which I can’t say I always did happily. Sorry, Dad. But those are now the values that I share with everyone who works at Lumon, and that’s what makes them my family. And I would never ever ask them to do anything that I’m not willing or excited to do myself. Look, my dad would love for me to sit here and say that I’m taking this job out of loyalty and that it was the spirit of pure Eagan calling me to service. But I took a severed job because it sounds freaking awesome. So, no, I don’t think severance divides us. I think it brings us together. End card: LUMON: UNITED IN SEVERANCE

Season 1, Episode 9, The We We Are (18:50)
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