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Burt Goodman Burt Goodman
Also Known As Burt G.
Portrayed By Christopher Walken
Status Severed, Alive
First Appearance Half Loop

Burt Goodman

Burt Goodman is a retired designer in Lumon IndustriesOptics and Design department. He worked in that department for seven years and enjoyed sharing the visual depictions of Kier's philosophies with fellow Lumon workers. He prefers the old school words of Kier as found in the Compliance Handbook to the more instructional Handbook of operations.

He enjoyed visiting a room he found, full of a large variety of very healthy green plants, for his peaceful breaks. He took Irving B. there when they were taking heart to each other, in hopes that it could be a secret place for them to meet, away from the prying eyes of their fellow workers.

Burt's outie has a male partner and lives in a modest single-level ranch home in a southeast neighborhood of Kier.



Quotes & Dialogue

Well, it's rare to meet a sophisticate.

Season 1, Episode 2, Half Loop (43:43)

Mark and I should make contact with this goat department, see what they know. And we can each bring one aide-de-camp.

Season 1, Episode 6, Hide and Seek (18:51)


Season 1

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