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Radar Radar the Dog
Status Alive
Breed Mixed
First Appearance Half Loop (referenced), What’s for Dinner?


Radar is Irving’s pet dog. He is obviously a Very Good Boy, though we don’t know nearly enough about him.


In the episode Half Loop, during Irving's Wellness Center Session with Ms. Casey, she tells him, “Your Outie likes the sound of radar”. We find out later that this is the name of his outie's dog.

Radar appears in What’s for Dinner? (0:35) and The We We Are (6:10).

Radar’s name tag

It’s believed that Radar’s name is a reference to Irving’s connection with the US Navy, or a M*A*S*H reference.

Research on Radar


The dog actor portraying Radar is named Ditto, and he also has a role as Mondale on the HBO show Succession[1].

Quotes & Dialogue

Woof, woof woof.

[Happy groan]


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