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The Compunction Statement

The Compunction Statement is repeated by a severed employee who has been sent to the Break Room for an unconscionable infraction. It is meant to elicit remorse but since it is written with awkward and self-loathing words, it is an effective form of torture. The security person administering this punishment can register the sincerity of the employee by reading a biofeedback printout; the biometrics are taken from the employee's hands which slot into special hand-shaped depressions in the table.

The employee typically must read the statement many times before saying it with a satisfactory amount of remorse.

Statement Text

Forgive me for the harm I have caused this world. None may atone for my actions but me and only in me shall their stain live on. I am thankful to have been caught, my fall cut short by those with wizened hands. All I can be is sorry, and that is all I am.


Season 1

  • Half Loop - Petey plays Mark a recording of a past session in the Break Room
  • In Perpetuity - Helly is sent to the Break Room to read the statement

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