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What’s For Dinner? Title Card
Episode Number 1.8
Directed By Ben Stiller
Written By Chris Black
Premiered April 1, 2022
Runtime 46 minutes
Previous Episode Defiant Jazz
Next Episode The We We Are

What’s for Dinner?

What’s for Dinner? is the eighth episode of the first season of Severance.




Guest Starring




  • The uncredited voice of the animated Kier Eagan in the congratulations video after Helly hits her quota is that of director Ben Stiller.

Quotes & Dialogue

Don’t laugh. […] I just wonder if it might be helpful for us to stand behind her and perhaps chant her name.

— Irving, (06:03)

I knew you could do it, Helly R. Even in your darkest moments, I could see you arriving here. In refining your macrodata file, you have brought glory to this company and to me. Kier Eagan. I… I love you. But now I must away, for there are others who need me around the world. Goodbye, Helly.R, and thank you.

— Kier Eagan [on computer], (08:41)

Oh, Mark. I don’t know how you knew for the end of the quarter I wanted a heart attack.

— Cobel, (09:53)

I know I vexed you. I know I’m… strange.

— Ms. Casey, (13:22)

For me, my favorite time was the eight hours I spent in your department watching Helly. It’s the longest I’ve ever been awake. I suppose it’s what you could call my good old days.

— Ms. Casey, (13:39)

Because we’re people, not parts of people. Even with what little they gave us, these are our lives. No one gets to just turn you off.

— Mark, (14:31)

Do you know if I’m happy up there?

— Ms. Casey, (16:45)

But before we begin…A very special gift for a very special Dylan. Our three-time R of the Q! A man whose mind is as sharp as his incisors.

— Milchick, (18:49)

Yeah, the egg bar is coveted as fuck.

— Dylan, (20:16)

I figured it out. The goats lay the eggs.

— Helly, (24:18)

You’re easy to pretend to care about.

— Mark, (25:43)

Page 197 slaps.

— Dylan, (29:02)

Okay, kids. Let’s find out what’s for dinner.

— Irving, (29:20)

[kisses Mark] In case we don’t come back. Or, I don’t know, in case we do?

— Helly, (30:26)

Fuck her goddamn soul forever into hell! Filth and fucking fire until she fucking dies! Fuck her and her fucking fake smile! Oh, God. Fuck her goddamn soul!

— Cobel, (33:40)

You know, maybe I could drive my own car. And that way I could leave if I’m uncomfortable or afraid.

— Cobel, (38:10)

This severance thing, it…Not sure I need it anymore.

— Mark, (44:37)

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