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Quarterly Quotas

When Macrodata Refinement meets their quarterly quota of 100% for all four employees, a video is shown to show the company founder's great appreciation. The video is customized for the refiner in question. Follows is the script of the video.

KIER ACTOR: I knew you could do it, [EMPLOYEE NAME]. Even in your darkest moments I could see you arriving here. In refining your macrodata file, you have brought glory to this company, and to me, Kier Eagan. I-I love you. But now I must away, for there are others who need me around the world. Goodbye, [EMPLOYEE NAME], and thank you.

The video itself depicts Kier in 8-bit form, standing on the same promontory as envisaged in Kier Invites You to Drink of His Water. He turns and smiles at the viewer, and then when he has concluded his speech, takes off in flight from the mountaintop, circling in the sky, his frock coat swirling behind him as he goes where he is next needed.

After this quota is reached, the department head will select one exemplary employee to be the recipient of the highly coveted Waffle Party as Refiner of the Quarter.

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