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Doug Graner Doug Graner
Also Known As Mr. Graner
Portrayed By Michael Cumpsty
Status Deceased
First Appearance Half Loop

Doug Graner

Doug Graner was the head of security on the Severed Floor at Lumon Industries. Mr. Graner sits with Kier now.[1]


Graner was murdered by Reghabi after he tracked her to an abandoned part of Ganz College and interrupted her meeting with Mark Scout. Reghabi repeatedly struck Graner with an aluminum baseball bat, then compelled Mark to help her conceal the crime. From Graner’s brief interaction with Mark just before his death, it is apparent that Mark’s Outie did not know Graner.


Quotes & Dialogue

Full synaptic coupling. Petey Kilmer’s memory was reintegrated. You were right, Harmony. We should celebrate.
She … What the fuck are you wearing?

Season 1, Episode 6, Hide and Seek (33:13)

It’s okay. I’m a friend.

Season 1, Episode 7, Defiant Jazz (3:34)


Season 1

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Season 1, Episode 8, What’s for Dinner? (7:04)
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