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Shrine to Kier

Cobel's shrine to Kier

A shrine to Kier is a makeshift altar in Cobel's basement, dedicated to Kier Eagan and his teachings.

Many of the objects inside the shrine are also described elsewhere.

Shrine Contents

Papier-mâché tempers

Among the Kier-related memorabilia are papier-mâché heads of The Four Tempers, similar in style to the masks worn by The Four Tempers (dancers) and the Kier head sculpture on the credenza in Cobel's office.

Miniature Kier home

An intricate miniature model of Kier's home sits in the lower half of the shrine cabinet, along with framed accolades. A full-size replica of this home is preserved in the Perpetuity Wing. The fetishization of this building has not been explained fully. Cobel has two more images of this house on the wall by her bed and others tucked in this shrine.

Newspaper article

An article snipped from The Kier Chronicle describes a new Lumon implant to aid in work/life balance. At the time of the article's run, the newspaper cost 20 cents less than it costs at the time the show takes place.

Hospital bracelet

A hospital bracelet with the name Charlotte Cobel lays on a feeding tube, fueling speculation about Cobel's motivations to work at Lumon.

Handmade dolls

Two handmade dolls, one depicting Kier and one depicting Cobel, sit on Cobel's bed rather than in the shrine yet appear to be equally sacred.

Stuffed toy goat

Jar of Marbles

Various Ribbons and Awards

Harmony Cobel was recognized when at school for such achievements as Best Girl, Mealtime Condiments, and Most Observant.

Images courtesy of set decorator Andrew Baseman, Apple ©2022[1]

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