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Charlotte Cobel Charlotte Cobel's Hospital Tag
Status Unknown
First Appearance Hide and Seek (referenced)

Charlotte Cobel

Charlotte Cobel is a relative of Harmony Cobel. Harmony's shrine to Kier includes a piece of medical apparatus from a hospital which is labelled with Charlotte's name and date of birth (March 17, 1944), suggesting that Charlotte could be Harmony's deceased mother, who is alternately referred to as an atheist and a Catholic.



Set designer Andrew Baseman has discussed the contents of Harmony's shrine and in one interview described the medical apparatus as a breathing tube that held her mother's last breath.

SetDecor YouTube Video Inside the Set Interview with Andrew Baseman (33:19)

Quotes & Dialogue

You know, my mother was an atheist. She used to say that there was good news and bad news about hell. The good news is, hell is just the product of a morbid human imagination. The bad news is, whatever humans can imagine, they can usually create.

Harmony Cobel, possibly talking about Charlotte in Good News About Hell (29:22)

You know, my mother was a Catholic. She used to say it takes the saints eight hours to bless a sleeping child.

Harmony Cobel, possibly talking about Charlotte in Good News About Hell (54:53)


Season 1

  1. Good News About Hell (possibly referenced)
  2. Hide and Seek (referenced)
  3. What’s for Dinner? (referenced)

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