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Music/Dance Experience

A behind-the-scene photo of Helly and Mr. Milchick dancing to the tune of Defiant Jazz A behind-the-scene photo of Helly and Mr. Milchick dancing to the tune of Defiant Jazz

The Music/Dance Experience (MDE) is a perk given to a Macrodata Refiner when his or her progress on a file has reached 75 percent complete.


Upon earning the MDE, Mr. Milchick wheels a cart into the office area containing a record player, party hats, and accessories, while announcing which employee has won the perk.

Music Experience list of songs Music Experience list of songs[1]

The winner of the MDE is offered a list of music types that can be played for the party, from which they can choose one. The seventeen available types of music are Bawdy Funk, Bouncy Swing, Buoyant Reggae, Defiant Jazz, Effusive Ska, Exalted Choral, Exciting Rap, Hootin’ Tootin’ Country, Lofty Orchestral, Maximized Rhythms, Playful Punk, Reckless Disco, Spooky Ambient, Tearful Emo, Thoughtful Grunge, Wholesome Big Band, and Wistful Pipes

After the MDE winner tells Mr. Milchick their musical choice, they choose one accessory from the cart (options include castanets and maracas, among other items), and the party begins.

Mr. Milchick adjusts the office lights, making them change from overhead fluorescent to cycling bright party colors, and plays the music selected. Employees are encouraged to join the party and dance.

The duration of the Music/Dance Experience is five minutes.

Season 1, Episode 7, Defiant Jazz (23:09)
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