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Goat Room

The Goat Room is an area on the Severed Floor that houses around 10 baby goats (kids), cared for by an unnamed Goat Wrangler. Mark and Helly discover the room on what Mark later describes as a “mental health walk.” The official name of the Goat Room is unknown. When Mark reveals the room's existence to the members of Optics and Design, he refers to it as “a department the opposite way from here that's, well, raising baby goats.”

The Goat Room is divided roughly in half by a low fence, with a pen containing hay bales on one side and a dollhouse-sized grain silo and farmhouse (which the Goat Wrangler uses as a bench) on the other. The goats roam on either side of the fence. The wrangler, who appears to be wearing a business suit, is seen using a bottle to feed a goat, held to his chest on a blanket.

On the walls of the Goat Room is a depiction of a farm scene that is just barely visible. The image below highlights the scene, using Photoshop to darken parts of the image.

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