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Sevy is an anthropomorphic personification of the Severance chip used in official Lumon Industries training documents. He is considered a mascot of sorts, intended to help guide Severed employees through important information as part of their orientation. He appears in The Macrodata Refiner’s Orientation Booklet, which was included in Severance: The Lexington Letter.

Sevy as seen in The Macrodata Refiner's Orientation Booklet


Sevy is a personification of the severance chip that appears fairly human in shape, with the chip consisting of his head and torso. He also has arms, hands, legs, and feet. His face includes eyes, brows, a nose, and a mouth with teeth. He is often shown with a friendly smile. The colors used to depict Sevy are mainly black, gray, and red. He is drawn in a charming cartoon style to appear more friendly, accessible, and trustworthy to new Innies.


Sevy is featured prominently in The Macrodata Refiner's Orientation Booklet. He is seen on almost every page, guiding new employees through the macrodata refining process and other Lumon workplace policies. In the booklet, he demonstrates facial expressions that correspond to the emotions elicited by the different number categories, the incentives refiners can earn as they progress in their files, and proper hand washing technique.


  • In The Lexington Letter, Margaret “Peg” Kincaid describes Sevy as “a little dildo with translucent skin revealing a spiral-shaped digestive track leading down to his anus”.
  • Daniel Aviles designed the character under the direction of property master Catherine Miller.[1]
Daniel Aviles, Instagram (February 21, 2022)
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