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The Macrodata Refiner’s Orientation Booklet

The Macrodata Refiner's Orientation Booklet is an official Lumon Industries training document intended for newly-Severed employees. It is not intended for public distribution outside of Lumon. The booklet also features Sevy, a cartoon personification of the Severance chip, as a sort of mascot to help guide employees through the information. A copy was smuggled out by Margaret “Peg” Kincaid and included in The Lexington Letter.


The booklet covers many topics a Severed employee is expected to know. It describes the Severance Procedure, an overview of Macrodata Refinement along with step-by-step instructions on how to refine a file, and incentives employees can earn as they progress. It also explains Lumon's workplace policies on dress code, expected hygiene practices, cross-department fraternization, and communication between Innies and Outies. Finally, it lists the Core Principles that every Lumon employee should embody.

Macrodata Refinement

A refiner is defined as someone who makes something pure, more useable, and more accessible. A macrodata refiner is expected to remove impurities from data and reorganize it in its purest form. Refiners are chosen by Lumon based on their intuition, emotional acuity, focus, and overall intelligence. They are expected to sort data sets from different categories quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, reliably.

An unrefined macrodata file will resemble a vast sea of numbers that seems to stretch endlessly in all directions. Over time, the refiner will recognize clusters of numbers that make them feel a certain way. The refiner's job is to sort these number clusters by category evenly between five digital bins.

There are four categories of numbers, and each one will evoke a certain emotion in the refiner. Sevy helpfully demonstrates facial expression that correspond to each. These categories include:

  • WO: These numbers elicit deep melancholy or despair
  • FC: These numbers elicit joy, gaiety, or ecstasy
  • DR: These numbers elicit fear, anxiety, or apprehension
  • MA: These numbers elicit rage or a desire to do harm

Once all five bins are filled evenly with each category, the file is 100% refined.

The booklet then lists step-by-step instructions on how to refine a macrodata file.


Refiners are eligible to earn incentives to encourage productivity. Incentives are awarded based on the percentage of their file a refiner completes. Incentive tiers and prizes include:

  • 10% completed: Lumon-branded rubber pencil eraser
  • 25% completed: Finger trap
  • 75% completed: Music/Dance Experience
  • 100% completed: Custom caricature portrait

In addition to these incentives, the top performer for each quarter will be named Refiner of the Quarter and awarded a compensatory Waffle Party.

Lumon Workplace Policies

The booklet also lists several policies that Severed employees are expected to follow. These include:

Dress Code: All clothing is to be monochromatic and solid in color. Acceptable colors include white, black, gray, navy, brown, tan, and pastels. All clothing is to be free of labels and logos that could activate the Code Detectors.

Health and Hygiene: Employees are expected to wash their hands at least 10 times per day, including before and after eating, before and after using the restroom, and after coming in contact with a coworker. Sevy then demonstrates proper hand washing technique.

Cross-Department Fraternization: All employees are encouraged to stay in their assigned departments, and not visit other departments. This is to prevent the spread of pathogens and keep all employees healthy.

Communication With Your Outie: Unauthorized communication between Innies and Outies is strictly prohibited. Any attempt to pass messages will be caught by the code detectors, and the offending employee will immediately be sent to the Break Room.

Work Incident Notices: While Lumon does everything in their power to protect their employees, sometimes workplace incidents occur. Your Outie will be notified if necessary, and discipline will be administered based on the seriousness of the incident.

The Wellness Center is also mentioned as a place where employees experiencing emotional deficiencies can be soothed and regain stability.

Lumon Core Principles

The booklet lists the nine Lumon Core Principles that every employee is expected to embody. These principles serve to unite refiners, their teams, and all Lumon employees. There is an emphasis on social skills to encourage all employees to think of themselves as part of a wider community, or Lumon family.

The Core Principles include:

  • Vision
  • Verve
  • Wit
  • Cheer
  • Humility
  • Benevolence
  • Nimbleness
  • Probity
  • Wiles


  • The copyright at the back of the booklet lists the designers as Cat M., Daniel A., and Tansy M. In real life, Sevy was designed by Daniel Aviles [1]. Catherine Miller is the show's property manager, and Tansy Michaud is the show's graphic designer, who designed the booklet [2].
Daniel Aviles, Instagram (February 21, 2022)
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