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Elephant Access Circuit

ELEPHANT ACCESS CIRCUIT Subsystem Activation Routine

(this page follows Clean Slate Cycle)

The following procedure should only be performed under circumstances authorized by a supervisor and must be executed by a fully trained operator. If you have not received authorization to perform the Elephant Access Circuit, [contact] your supervisor for clearance and authorization.

In general, the even numbered memory locations are the 1/0 registers and the odd numbered memory locations are the control registers. If indicator is on, select YES. This will open an [sic] FILTER CIRCUIT WINDOW and reset the FILTER CYCLE PURGE at :20. Important: Read thoroughly before [execution.] If FILTER CYCLE PURGE stalls, system will reset. All active state in the system of emotional and thought pattern regulatory interaction states in the data [con]nection register sets the chip […] lead addition as an output […] sets structure in memory interface.

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