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Caricature Portraits

Caricature portraits are a Lumon Industries Macrodata Refinement Tier 5 perk, earned when the refiner completes 100% of their file. The frame of the caricature bears the Lumon globe logo at the top and a thumbs up icon with “100%” label printed at the bottom. The caricatures themselves are pencil drawings of the refiner performing a variety of different activities that their Outie might do.

Felicia drawing multiple copies of the mountaineer caricature Felicia drawing multiple copies of the mountaineer caricature[1] (image rotated 90 degrees)

Optics and Design’s Felicia can be seen drawing multiple headless copies of the same caricature, which will later be customized and awarded to exemplary refiners. Given that she has eight copies in front of her at the time, it is possible that Innies from departments other than Macrodata Refinement receive this perk as well, although their criteria for such an award is unclear. It is more likely that these are exclusive to Macrodata Refinement.


Here is a complete view of all known caricature scenarios, except fencing. Dylan of Macrodata Refinement leads with a total of ten.

All of Dylan’s caricature portraits (Photo by Daniel Aviles)

  • Dylan in a muscle show
  • Dylan driving a convertible sports car
  • Dylan riding a horse
  • Dylan playing chess
  • Dylan giving a speech
  • Dylan riding a motorcycle
  • Dylan surfing
  • Dylan climbing a mountain
  • Dylan boxing a kangaroo
  • Dylan performing a spacewalk


  • The caricature portraits were illustrated by property assistant Daniel Aviles.[2]
Season 1, Episode 7, Defiant Jazz (12:29)
Daniel Aviles, Instagram (February 23, 2022)
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