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Felicia Felicia
Portrayed By Claudia Robinson
Status Severed, Alive
First Appearance In Perpetuity


Felicia is a designer in the Optics and Design department of Lumon Industries. She worked under Burt Goodman prior to his retirement.

Felicia appears to be the person who draws the caricature portraits—a perk given to exemplary refiners and possibly other Innies.



  • The end credits of In Perpetuity list the character’s name as “Felica.” This is presumably an error, as the credits of subsequent episodes as well as all of the dialogue in the show itself refer to her as Felicia.

Quotes & Dialogue

Egg drop challenge in the Team Building space. Tight department like us gotta keep our synergy up.

Season 1, Episode 3, In Perpetuity (29:34)


Season 1

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