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Portraiture of Kier Eagan

Portraiture of Kier Eagan appears throughout the Lumon workspace. As one enters 1 Lumon Blvd in Kier, PE, one is awestruck by the sun falling across the nobly carved stone profile of the founder.

A humble portrait with piercing blue eyes gazes benevolently over the workspace of Macrodata Refinement, to inspire any who should need to access his masterwork, Compliance Handbook, the manual for Severed workers, or one of its three appendices, all shelved directly below his watchful gaze.

Kier is also portrayed in various masterworks which are hung in rotation through every department in Lumon. Interestingly, his manner of dress ranges from classical Roman to mid-century modern. See Art in Severance.

Prominent Examples of Kier Portraiture

Kier Relief Carving - An imposing carved relief of Kier in profile appears on the large stone wall in the lobby of the Lumon Industries building.
Harmony Cobel's Shrine - An old silver gelatin photograph of Kier appears in Harmony Cobel's shrine to the founder.
Perpetuity Wing Wax Figure - Kier appears as a life-size wax figure in the Perpetuity Wing at Lumon.
Kier Taming the Four Tempers - Kier appears as a godlike figure taming the four tempers in an oil painting that hangs in the Wellness waiting room.
Quarterly Quotas - An animated version of Kier congratulates a macrodata refiner for achieving 100% refinement of their data file.
Kier Statue - A statue honoring the founder of the town of Kier stands in the village square. On its plinth reads a quotation in Kier's words: “I dug inside of soldiers and within them, found the war.”
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