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This is an unlisted work-in-progress document for discussion while speculating about the timeline.

Do not use as a public reference until published.

Severance (pre-show) Timeline Draft

  • 1841 Kier born
  • 1853 Kier works for Edgare Willett
  • 18XX Kier gets a job at the ether factory
  • 18XX Kier meets Imogene
  • 18XX Imogene wed
  • 1865 - Civil War ends
  • 1865 Lumon begun, Kier first president
  • 1865 Ambrose born (to Kier age 24)
  • 18XX Town named after Kier
  • 1886 Myrtle born (to Ambrose age 21 or Kier age 45?)
  • 1893 Myrtle at age 7 declares she will be the first woman to run Lumon
  • 1893 Kier Chronicle begun
  • 1902 Baird born (to Ambrose age 37 or to Kier age 61/To Myrtle age 16?)
  • 1920 Gerhardt born (to Ambrose age 55? 34 year-old Myrtle? Or 18 year-old Baird?)
  • 1937 Phillip/Pip born (to Baird age 35?)
  • 1939 Sperm frozen for the first time
  • 1939 Kier dies age 98, Ambrose 2nd president age 54
  • 1941 Ambrose dies age 76, Myrtle 3rd president at age 55
  • 1952 Founding of Myrtle Eagan School for Girls
  • 1955 Leonora born (to Pip age 18 or Gerhardt age 35?)
  • 1959 Myrtle dies age 73, Baird 4th president age 57
  • 1960? Jame born? (To Pip age 23 or Gerhardt age 40?)
  • 1963 State codes standardized with 2 letters: PE is assigned.
  • 1972 1st American usage of the title “chief executive officer”
  • 1976 Baird dies age 74, Gerhardt 5th CEO age 56
  • 1978 First test tube baby born
  • 1987 Gerhardt dies age 77, Phillip Eagan 6th CEO age 50
  • 1990 Helena born to Jame Eagan (age 35?)
  • 1996 Dolly the sheep cloned
  • 1999 Phillip dies age 62, Leonora 7th CEO age 44
  • 2003 Jame becomes 8th CEO around age 43, Leonora steps down age 48
  • 2003? Jame brings home prototype Severance chip to child Helena
  • 2005 Leonora dies age 50
  • 2013 Burt starts working in Optics & Design
  • 20XX? Peggy K leaves Lumon Topeka, publishes the Lexington Letter
  • 201X? Irving starts working in Macrodata Refinement

All dates below presuming Season 1 takes place in 2020; adjust accordingly.

  • 2017: Mark and Gemma car accident
  • 2017: Gemma declared dead
  • 2018: Mark takes a job at Lumon, gets severed, joins MDR, replacing ?
  • 2018: Mark moves to Baird Creek Manor, next door to “Mrs. Selvig”
  • 2018 Angelo Arteta comes out in favor of the severance procedure
  • 2019? The last woman who was in MDR, Carol, leaves Lumon and MDR
  • 2019? Dylan starts working in Macrodata Refinement, replaces Carol
  • 2020: Devon and Ricken conceive their first child
  • 2020: Petey leaves Lumon abruptly two weeks after reintegration
  • 2020: Helena Eagan chooses to sever herself to further cause of severance legislation

Creator and Crew Time Setting Quotes

“We sort of intentionally kept a lot of ambiguity to the time and place,” Erickson told TheWrap. “We obviously shot mostly in New York and New Jersey, so there's sort of a vague New England, east coast-y feel to to the city, but we didn't really want to know exactly where it was or tie it to a specific locale.”

As for when “Severance” takes place, it's not a far-off future. “It is around now, it's like vaguely now-ish,” he said. “We're not going for something where this is 10 years in the future where severance has been invented and already exists. It's sort of an alternate, vaguely now-ish timeline.

Source: Dan Erickson quote, February 4, 2022 — ‘Severance’ Creator Knows Exactly How the Elevator Technology Works

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