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Season 1 Timeline

Workday 1

Potentially a Friday, definitely recycle day

Helly R. wakes up as a newly severed employee. MDR notices Petey has not arrived; Mark S. is promoted to division head, and is tasked to orient Helly R. to her new existence. She injures him.

Mark is given a Pip’s VIP Card and a lie to explain his injury.

That evening Mark goes to a Dinnerless Dinner Party at the home of his sister, Devon and her husband, Ricken, and Ricken's idiot friends pester him about severance. Mark spends the night, and sees Petey (whom he does not recognize) out in the snowy night.

The next day

Trash day

Mark takes his Pip's VIP card to Pip's and argues by phone with his neighbor about the trash and recycle bins. He is surprised in his booth by Petey, who gives him a card with how to get in touch with him.

Workday 2

Potentially a Monday.

Mark arrives early to do his new duties preparing for the day. He removes the group photos that have Petey in them, and Irving objects. They have a welcome Melon Party in Helly's honor and take a group photo.

That evening Alexa and Mark have a first date where he drinks far too much. They find some Whole Mind Collective kids and Mark gets into a drunken altercation with them. Later at home, Mrs. Selvig comes over with apology cookies and notices a bulb is burned out. When looking for a replacement bulb, Mark finds a candle his late wife made.

Workday 3

Mark calls in sick and drives out to meet Petey in an old greenhouse. Petey has been reintegrated for two weeks. Mark brings back Petey to stay at his house. Irving is caught napping at work and is sent for a Wellness session with Ms. Casey. In the vestibule of the Wellness center, Irving meets Burt G. from Optics and Design. They each recognize a fellow spirit. Dylan helps Helly recognize the numbers and she refines her first data.

That evening Natalie is on the news dodging questions about a woman who became pregnant unbeknownst to her only a month after her company went severed.

Workday 4

Presumably a Thursday. The quarterly deadline is in three weeks.

New group photos are received. When Mark is swapping the photos out, he finds Petey's map of the Severed floor on the back of one photo and hides it. Helly is determined to get a message to her outie self, and tries increasingly desperate means, which Mark warns her of the consequences.

Irving suggests the department take a trip to the Perpetuity Wing to help instill Helly with some purpose. on the way they encounter Burt and Felicia from O&D, coming from the Team-building Space having completed an Egg Drop Challenge.

Helly slips out when the other are distracted in the Kier Eagan Replica House and tries to get a note through the stairwell doors, but is caught and sent to the Break Room for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile, Devon and Ricken drop off a preview copy of Ricken's book at his house (5 days before Workday 7), and Mrs. Cobel steals it. She lets herself into Mark's house with a key and snoops around the basement, finding the candle Gemma had made. Petey hides and then runs away, crossing over the bridge between Baird Creek Manor and Lumon.

That evening Mark goes looking for Petey and witnesses him collapsing at a gas station. Back at home, he finds Petey's phone and the many blocked calls that have been unanswered.

Workday 5

Helly spends her morning in the Break Room doing the last 813 repetitions of her total 1,072 of the The Compunction Statement.

Ms. Cobel has brought Ricken's book to work to show Mr. Milchick. Burt brings by the new manual totes with a map to O&D should anyone in MDR wish to visit him. Irving takes him up on this almost immediately, but on the way finds the copy of Ricken's book in the conference room. Mark shreds Petey's map. Helly threatens to cut off her fingers if Cobel/Milchick do not allow her to record a message for her outie. It is replied to in the negative.

Workday 6

Cobel and Graner react to the news of Petey's death. The funeral will be Sunday and then his body will be destroyed, so Cobel promises to retrieve his chip.

Sunday, the funeral

Mark and Cobel (as Mrs. Selvig) meet at Petey's funeral. Mark also meets June and her mother. During a video presentation, Cobel drills a hole in Petey's corpse and extracts the chip. Mark leaves and drives out to the tree which is presumably the site of the accident that killed his wife.

Workday 7

Presumably a Monday.

Burt and Irving stroll together through the halls as Burt goes on his art rotation rounds. Mark is reading Ricken's book and is invited to a special wellness session wherein Miss Casey lights a candle that is identical to the one from Gemma's crafts. She has Mark sculpt his feelings and he sculpts a tree. Cobel brings the chip to Graner who takes it to the Diagnostics Department. Irving discovers the hidden 3D printer room behind O&D. Dylan finds the copy of Ricken's book and starts reading it. Helly hangs herself in the elevator. Mark finds her and Graner is close behind. They pull her down and Graner sends Mark home immediately.

Workday 8

Helly has stayed in the hospital. Graner returns the chip, stating the Diagnostics Department confirmed that it is Petey's chip. Mark continues to read Ricken's book in secret.

That evening Devon has gone into labor, and Mark joins them at Damona Birthing Retreat. She meets Gabby Arteta in the next cabin when in search of coffee. Ricken expresses dismay that Mark has not thanked him for dropping off the book 5 days before (Workday 4).

Workday 9

Helly returns. Ms. Casey is assigned to watch her the whole day. Irving has another dream while dozing at work and goes directly to O&D. Mr. Milchick tries to dissuade him by “accidentally” printing the painting The Grim Barbarity of Optics and Design. Mark and Helly fool Ms. Casey to go get replacement supplies, and go for a long walk so Mark can check on Helly. They find new departments and a man tending baby goats. Ms. Casey finds Burt in the conference room and alerts Irving. Irving and Dylan take Burt back to O&D and Burt shows them the hidden 3D printer room.

Workday 10

The next day, and the day before trash day

Graner confirmes that Petey's chip was reintegrated by Reghabi. Mark throws Petey's phone away in his very full trash. Burt takes Irving to the Plant Room. Devon is in the park with baby Eleanor and sees Gabby and her new baby but Gabby does not recognize her. Ms. Cobel reprimands Mark for his exploratory stroll with Helly and revokes their hallway privileges. Ms. Casey has been sent to the break room as punishment. The MDR team meet in the breakroom and exchange information. Irving says they need to all go back to O&D. They do. The six people and their printers are working on watering cans. Dylan steals an infographic card. They are all caught by Mr. Milchick. Mark is sent to the break room, and crosses paths with Ms. Casey coming out of it. Reportedly (as mentioned on Workday 11) Burt was also sent to the break room for his part in it.

That evening We see Cobel's very elaborate and intense shrine to Kier and the 9 Core Principles in her basement bedroom. Mark and Alexa go on their second date. They see June's band The Fissuremen and Alexa goes home and sleeps with Mark. Mark digs Petey's phone out of the trash. It rings, and he answers it. Lumon installs security doors that must be opened with a security card in MDR's space. He sneaks away to Ganz College to meet Reghabi, who installed his chip and who reintegrated Petey. Devon looks into the Artetas and learns that the husband is a senator who is very pro-severance. Mrs. Cobel comes over to Devon & Ricken's for a lactation consultation. Dylan's Overtime Contingency is activated so Mr. Milchick can find out where he hid the infographic card he stole from O&D. He learns he has a son. Graner informs Cobel at home that he has located Reghabi at Ganz College. He goes to intercept her. Reghabi kills Graner in front of Mark; she gives him Graner's key card and disposes of the body.

Workday 11

The next day. Trash day. The gala is next week.

Mark slips Graner's key card into his pocket before he goes to work. Milchick finds the infographic card where Dylan hid it. When he returns it to Burt in O&D, he informs him that he has a big surprise for him. Milchick escorts each MDR employee to their area from the elevator. Mark discovers a black security card in his pocket. Milchick gives MDR a Music Dance Experience which backfires when Dylan breaks and bites him. When Milchick storms out, Dylan informs the rest of MDR about the Overtime Contingency. Natalie informs Cobel that Graner is dead. Cobel informs Natalie and the Board that reintegration has been achieved and she has proof. Mark and Helly use the security card to leave MDR and go to the Security Office; Irving leaves with them but rushes to O&D, concerned for Burt after yesterday. Irving finds O&D celebrating Burt's retirement, and Irving breaks and yells at Milchick. He is not punished at Burt's request. Upon returning to MDR, Dylan offers to activate it for the others. Cobel relaxes with Devon at her home after a consult.

That evening Alexa comes by to pick up her phone, Mark is drunk and rips up a photo of Gemma, and Alexa dumps him. Mark repairs the photo with tape, revealing that Gemma is Ms. Casey.

A weekend day

Irving reads in the park with his dog and then returns home to paint a recurring image and blast “Ace of Spades.”

The next week, unspecified workday, the day of the gala

MDR finishes their quarterly quotas. Cobel sets up one last wellness session for Mark; Mark and Ms. Casey both learn she is being let go. She was alive 107 hours. After the session, Ms. Casey is sent down to the Testing Floor, the sight of which is the recurring image Irving has been painting. The team gets an egg bar and Dylan gets a Refiner of the Quarter prize as well as the Waffle Party. Natalie fires Cobel for not reporting Helly's suicide attempt three weeks ago (workday 7). Cobel is escorted out by Milchick and the MDR gang makes their plans.

That evening Dylan is taken to the Perpetuity Wing for his Waffle Party. Cobel trashes her shrine room in fury. Devon and Ricken host a book reading party for his new book.

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