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Myrtle Eagan School for Girls

An old photograph of a young girl next to a sign for the Myrtle Eagan School for Girls, in Cobel's shrine to Kier.

The Myrtle Eagan School for Girls is an all-girl's school founded in 1952 and named for the 3rd Lumon CEO, Myrtle Eagan. It can be inferred that the school was a regimented indoctrination for girls, possibly orphans, to prepare them for the rigors of life under Lumon's employ and/or absorption into the Kier Eagan cult of personality.

THEORY Harmony Cobel's basement bedroom and Kier shrine may be a reconstruction of her room at the school, during a time when her mental and emotional growth was prematurely arrested, cementing her stranger personality traits.

Cobel's basement bedroom at her home in Kier, PE.

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