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Eagan Bingo

Eagan Bingo is a hand-drawn bingo game devised by Dylan and possibly also Mark (the other group cut-up), but distributed by Dylan to Mark and Helly as they walk behind Irving to the Perpetuity Wing. Irving intends the outing to be inspiring for Helly so that she understands the purpose of MDR’s work.

Eagan Bingo

Irving does not approve of Eagan bingo. He finds it irreverent for the employees’ focus to be on anything other than awe and reverence in the face of the founder’s home and the icons of his successors.

The bingo card is printed on paper similar to Neenah Bright Blue copy paper,[1] and is a photocopy of a previously drawn grid of options.


Wax tears Monocle Monogrammed pen Picture of child w/ rickets
Prominent wax bulge “Erection” used in construction sense Lumon referred to as “she” Nine core values listed
Four Tempers referenced “Lumon will save the world” Unexplained Eagan death Lock of old hair
Eagan depicted w/ halo Dueling “Goodliness” referenced Passive-aggressive shit-talking of Ambrose


  • Because the bingo card is arranged in a four-by-four grid, there is no center space (which would traditionally be used as a free space on a standard bingo card).

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