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Lexington Letter Timeline Summary

Wed, June 28, 2017 Baby Driver movie released

At some point during her 12-year tenure as a bus driver, Peg’s students give her the nickname, Baby Driver, based on the “beloved action film of the same name”. Peg notes that she “was already fifty” when she was given the nickname.

Baby Driver was released in the U.S. and the U.K. on June 28, 2017.

Feb, 2018 or later — Peg’s bus accident

Peg claims her bus “black ice” accident happened in February. She heard the Lumon ad on the radio, was off work the next day and visited the Lumon site.

Feb 2018 or later - Peg starts work at Lumon, Topeka, Kansas

New office, big building looks like a mall. Peg refers to this as, “a few years back”.

2020 or later — Lumon work start plus 2 years — outie Peg and innie Peg start passing notes

Peg writes that she worked at Lumon for 2 years before she and her innie, Peggy, started passing notes. Peg and Peggy pass notes for 3 or 4 weeks before innie Peggy finishes the Lexington file.

Friday, Nov 3, 2:30 PM — innie Peggy finishes the Lexington file.

Big deal in the office.

Friday, Nov 3, 2:32 PM — Dorner truck explosion

Date is in the text of a printed and scanned letter so it could be human error.

Peg mentions it in the “Saturday, November 10” letter to Daria, “I saw your thorough coverage of the Dorner truck incident on November third.”

Peg doesn’t add “last year”. This is typically how someone would refer to something that happened very recently.

Friday, Nov 3, PM — Peg sees Daria Thorne report the truck explosion on TV

Peg writes that later that same night of Fri, Nov 3, she is watching TV and sees Daria Thorne report that the Dorner Therapeutics truck had been blown up in New York at 2:32 pm that day.

Nov 3, Fri PM to Nov 6, Mon AM — Peg can barely sleep all weekend.

Mon, Nov 6, AM — outie Peg writes innie Peggy for Lexingon file info

Mon, Nov 6, PM — Peg received Peggy’s reply note

Peggy replies, “Not much, she said, other than it being very important work.”

Tue, Nov 7 — Peg tells Peggy about the truck explosion

Peg sends Peggy a note telling her about the truck explosion. Peg also tells her not to refine any more numbers.

Nov 7 to ???? — **Weeks pass with no reply**

Three days pass with no reply. The days turned to weeks with no reply.

One Tuesday, date ambiguous, Peg emerged with wet hair and found a note from Lumon on her windshield claiming her innie had a painless mishap with a water cooler.

Weeks after the truck explosion — Peggy smuggles out the handbook

Weeks after the truck explosion and two weeks after the wet hair incident, Peggy sends the handbook and a note in plain English, “been in Break Room. Code detectors down today. I think you’re right about Lumon.” Peg doesn’t hear from Peggy for another week.

Fri, Nov 2? — Peggy leaves work early with a note in her mouth

From the letter, “Last Friday”, Peg sent a note down and came back up a few minutes later with a note in her mouth. “Peg, Leave now. Get somewhere safe. They will try to follow. Nothing they say is real. Distribute the training booklet. Answers are there if you look.”

Fri, Nov 2? — Peg quits Lumon and flees Topeka

Peg calls Mr. Alvarado and quit “on the spot.” Peg “left Topeka without returning home.”

Saturday, Nov 10 (no year) Date on Peg’s scanned letter

Header date is on a printed letter, scanned to attach to email so date could be human error.

Hired by Lumon “about two years ago” in February.

Peg writes that she is staying in motel, feels like someone has been watching her, black cars are always parked near hers, and “my mail has been all crumpled when I’ve gotten it at night like someone’s been digging through it.”

Nov 11 (claimed) — Peg Kincaid dies in car accident (source: Jim Milchick)

Email from Jim Milchick to Daria on Nov 13 quotes Peg's obituary, indicating that she'd “passed away from complications from a car accident on November 11th.”

Nov 12, 12:43 PM — First email from reporter Daria to editor Jim Milchick

Day is not mentioned.

Nov 13, 10:03 AM — First reply from editor Milchick to reporter Daria

Milchick dismisses the letter and tells Daria to “focus on the high school basketball playoffs”.

Kansas high school boys and girls basketball playoffs are typically in or around March not November. Topeka, Kansas highschool basketball playoffs have been in March.

Nov 13, 10:08 AM — Daria replies to Jim Milchick

Nov 13, 1:03 PM — Jim Milchick replies to say Peg is dead.

November 20 — Peg Kincaid’s memorial service

Source: Email from Jim Milchick to Daria Thorne on obit.

Dan Erickson comment Lexington Letter, “some years before”

In a Reddit AMA on April 21, 2022, Severance creator and executive producer Dan Erickson said:

…keep in mind, Lexington Letter may be set some years before.

 Dan Erickson Comment

Years a with Friday, Nov 3 or Saturday, Nov 10 (2017-2050)

Friday, November 3 Saturday, November 10
2017 2018
2028 2029
2034 2035
2045 2046

When are high school basketball playoffs?

For male athletes in the United States, the National Basketball Association (NBA) regular season runs October-April, with the playoffs extending into June.

US high school basketball starts end of Oct to mid Dec. In 2022, Kansas high school boys and girls basketball starts Dec 1 with playoffs in March, 2023.


High school basketball: When does each state begin the 2022-23 season?

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