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Manual Pages

Excerpts and text from Compliance Handbook, Lumon manuals and other documentation

Security Policy 266:
Remind your innies of the dangers of interdepartmental fraternization by presenting evidence of the apocryphal coup in a way that appears to not be purposeful.
Taking heart to other employees is forbidden. - generally understood Lumon policy
Relationships beyond the platonic are frowned upon by Lumon.
And all in Lumon’s care shall revel in the bounty of the incentives spur. - Handbook by way of Dylan.
Render not my creation in miniature.
The work is mysterious and important and we deal with the uncertainty it brings us together, as a family.
No workplace shall be repurposed for slumber.
Compliance, Passage 3, page 110:
Be content in my words and dally not in the scholastic pursuits of lesser men.
AKA the “no books except the handbook” clause of Compliance.
Illumination beyond all. Feel the warm embrace of knowledge and truth that we may be true partners in Kier’s teachings. - The Lumon philosophy
Elephant Access Circuit Access Memory Mode

Official Request for Supervisory Interaction

Common Space Reservation Slip: Used to reserve the Perpetuity Wing, Team-building Space, or Conference Room

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