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Also Known As Jim M
Contact info
Status Unknown
First Appearance Severance: The Lexington Letter

Jim Milchick

Jim Milchick is an editor of the The Topeka Star who works with a reporter known as Daria Thorne. He appears to be an undercover operative for Lumon Industries, and is either an alias for or a relative of Seth Milchick.


In a correspondence between Margaret “Peg” Kincaid and Daria Thorne, a document known as The Lexington Letter and Lumon’s Macrodata Refiners Orientation Booklet were sent to Daria Thorne via email on Saturday, November 10. Daria sent an email request to Jim Milchick on Monday, November 12 to pursue publishing a story about The Lexington Letter, but was unfortunately denied by Jim, who was apprehensive that The Lexington Letter appeared to be the writings of a “disgruntled employee making stuff up” and that Daria’s current priority of reporting the high school basketball playoffs was getting the bench.

Jim Milchick wrote to Daria that he placed a call to a trusted source at Lumon. The source conveyed to Jim that Margaret “Peg” Kincaid was “let go because of too many absences.” Despite sincerely wanting to help Daria’s pursuit in publicizing Peg’s story, it was unfortunately too late and Jim needed Daria to focus on the high school basketball playoffs. Jim reassured and consoled Daria by telling her about an email he received earlier from Carolyn, writer for the Obituaries at The Topeka Star, sharing the unfortunate news that Margaret “Peg” Kincaid recently passed away from a car accident on Sunday, November 11 in Tacoma, WA and didn’t want to get in a libel suit with Lumon.

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Let’s have you focus on high school basketball playoffs, as discussed.


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