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Also Known As Jim M
Contact info
Status Unknown
First Appearance Severance: The Lexington Letter

Jim Milchick

Jim Milchick is editor of the The Topeka Star, a local newspaper in Topeka, KS. Jim works with reporter Daria Thorne. He is implied to be an undercover operative for Lumon Industries, and to be either an alias, or a relative, of Seth Milchick.


Jim Milchick is contacted by Daria Thorne, one of his reporters, about a letter she received from a woman named Margaret “Peg” Kincaid on November 12th. Kincaid is a former Severed employee at Lumon Industries' Topeka branch, and is accusing the company of corporate sabotage and domestic terrorism. Daria solicits Jim's advice on the validity of Kincaid's story.

On November 13th, Jim discredits Kincaid in a series of emails as a disgruntled former Lumon employee with an axe to grind against the company. He successfully convinces Daria to drop the story and to instead focus on the local high school basketball playoffs.

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Let’s have you focus on high school basketball playoffs, as discussed.


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