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Gemma’s Candle

Gemma’s candle Mark holding Gemma’s candle

Gemma’s candle is a keepsake belonging to Mark. It is a pillar candle measuring approximately 3 inches wide and 5 inches high. The top half is red and the bottom half is green. The wick is burnt and some of the inside of the candle has melted away, suggesting that it has been used, but only briefly. It may be scented.

Mark had stored the candle in his basement, in a bin labeled “Gemma's crafts”. It was stolen by Mrs. Selvig, a theft that has gone un-noticed by Mark.

Presumably it is an item that Gemma made herself, not purchased.


  • The candle used in the show was made by Old Mill Candles, which worked with the production team to make it the way they wanted. Old Mill Candles is owned by writer Dan Erickson’s cousin.


Season 1

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