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Theories About Part-Time Employees

This section contains theory and/or speculation.

Certain characters are referred to as part-time employees. Ms. Casey is assumed to be one of them. During the potentially two years she has served as the Wellness Center Director for the Severed Floor of Lumon Industries, she has only been awake for 107 hours.[1] She appears to have no other function than providing wellness sessions, and is presumably, for a lack of a better term, deactivated the rest of the time. Since the audience knows that Ms. Casey cannot have an Outie, as her Outie, Gemma, was declared dead, it is very likely that the woman known as Ms. Casey cannot ever leave Lumon property.

It is not a great stretch to assume that the dancers who portray the Four Tempers in the Waffle Party also do not leave Lumon’s severed space. Although, if they are also severed, they would have no memory of the depravity enacted upon them by winners of that prize. Additionally, since the lucky winner, who plays the role of Kier Eagan is provided with a Cat o’ Nine Tails, they may sustain too many injuries to be able to leave the workspace and be compensated with a note and a Pip’s VIP Card.

Therefore, it is likely that part-time employees are only activated when they are needed, and are otherwise kept in some kind of coma or stasis or taken to the Testing Floor.

Season 1, Episode 8, What’s for Dinner? (13:31)
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