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The Youthful Convalescence of Kier

The Youthful Convalescence of Kier The Youthful Convalescence of Kier[1]

The Youthful Convalescence of Kier is a visual depiction of the handbook passage quoting Kier Eagan: “Let not weakness live in your veins, cherished workers, drown it inside you. Rise up from your deathbed and sally forth, more perfect for the struggle.”

The painting depicts a young Kier Eagan lying in a wooden bed, the room lit by a single candle held by what appears to be a nurse or a maid leaning down. His head is wrapped in a white bandage. Crouched by the candle, a man, likely a doctor, seems to be removing a blanket or cloth from Kier’s loosely folded arm. Another nurse or maid stands at the opposite head of the bed. A male and female figure kneel at the bed, praying, possibly Kier’s parents.

The nature of Kier’s injury or illness is not clear.

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Season 1, Episode 4, The You You Are (12:42)
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