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Dylan’s Son Dylan’s Son
Portrayed By Blaze James Gorman
Status Alive
First Appearance Hide and Seek

Dylan’s Son

Dylan’s Son is the son of Dylan George. He briefly met his father’s Innie when Seth Milchick activated the Overtime Contingency Protocol in an attempt to locate a stolen ideographic card from the O&D department. Milchick later told Dylan that the boy he saw had two siblings,[1] but this may have been a lie.



Dylan’s Son counting to a thousand in front of the TV Dylan’s Son counting to a thousand in front of the TV

  • The boy is seen sitting in front of the TV, surrounded by toy dinosaurs and cars. He was watching “Bold King Cole,” a 1936 cartoon featuring Felix the Cat and directed by Burt Gillett. Felix is reminiscent of Felicia, while Burt Gillett is analogous to Burt G.

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Season 1

  1. Hide and Seek
  2. Defiant Jazz (archive footage)

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Season 1, Episode 9, The We We Are (33:25)
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