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Gerhardt Eagan Wax Figure
Status Deceased
Born 1920
Died 1991

Gerhardt Eagan

Gerhardt Eagan was the 5th CEO of Lumon Industries from 1976 to 1987, after Baird Eagan, and is also a descendant of its founder, Kier Eagan.

The fine dining establishment Gerhardt’s is named in his honor.



The first usage in America of the title “chief executive officer” was in 1972. So while Gerhardt is the fifth Eagan to take up the mantle of running Lumon Industries, he is the first CEO. The Perpetuity Wing elides this fact, calling everyone CEO back to the founding of Lumon in 1865. It could be argued that since the Perpetuity Wing is on the Severed Floor, they chose to modernize the terminology to reduce questions by severed employees.

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  1. In Perpetuity (likeness)

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