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Questions for Dan

Here is a list of questions for Severance writer and creator Dan Erickson, should the opportunity to ask them ever arise—perhaps, another AMA or other forum down the road.

Irving’s tenure

In Half Loop, as Irving introduces himself to everyone, he mentions that he has “worked here for three years.”[1] It is understood that “here” refers to Macrodata Refinement, which leads us to ask, “Does Irving believe he has only worked at Lumon for three years?” According to a LinkedIn post by Lumon Industries, Irving joined Lumon nine years ago.

Is it possible that Irving’s Innie only remembers being a Lumon employee for three years and has no recollection of the remaining six? If so, could it be that his memories were reset, likely on the Testing Floor?

Spelling Reghabi’s name

Reghabi’s name is spelled one way (Reghabi) in the show’s closed captions, but another way (Regabhi) in the IMDb credits. Which one is correct?

Update: In a recent inquiry via his sister Hayley, Dan Erickson confirmed that Reghabi is the correct spelling.[2]


  • Is Gemma’s surname Scout?
  • Is Eleanor’s surname Scout-Hale?
  • Is Imogene’s surname Eagan?
  • Is Nina’s surname Kilmer?

Update: When asked, Dan replied, “Yes for Imogene. No for Nina. ([I] don’t know her last name.)” He preferred not to answer the other questions publicly.[3]

Animal actors

  • What is the name of the dog who played Radar?

Update: Unfortunately, he does not know.[4]

Season 1, Episode 2, Half Loop (13:47)
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