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Imogene Eagan Imogene Eagan
Status Deceased

Imogene Eagan

Imogene Eagan[1] was the wife of Lumon founder Kier Eagan. According to The Courtship of Kier and Imogene, a painting housed in Optics and Design, the two met while working at an ether factory. She was a swab girl, who cleaned out the ether vats.



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Besides her immortalization in The Courtship of Kier and Imogene, the only other reference to the Founder's beloved colleague and wife is Swab Girl, a bathhouse and soapery in downtown Kier, continuing her important work of ensuring all people have access to the good soap. It is likely that this shop is the shop that Harmony Cobel pretends that her alter ego, Mrs. Selvig, works.

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