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Kier Life Magazine

Kier Life Magazine is a boutique magazine based in Kier, PE, featuring hyperlocal stories and photographs about Kier's people, culture, and events. The magazine is accessible online.

Profile of Angelo Arteta

A profile of State Senator Angelo Arteta is featured on the Kier Life Magazine website. Devon finds the article while searching online for information about Arteta's wife Gabby.[1] Although the exact publication date is unknown, facts regarding Arteta's political career indicate the article was written within the past year.



…play with my toys now?“

[Photo caption] The Arteta family takes time out of their busy schedule to pose for Kier Life Magazine in their hometown of Kier.

Indeed, it has been a transformative few years for the Artetas in many ways. Not only has Angelo, the former Mayor of the pint-sized town of Wileston, ascended to a seat of major statewide power on the momentum of his controversial and vocal support for legalized Severance (and since won reelection by an even greater landslide), but the family's home life has been further upended by what Gabriela calls a “frequently traumatic” renovation of their kitchen.

“It's hard on the kids, and it's hard on me,” Gabriela mused as she walked us through the skeletal, unfinished wall additions and piles of insulation. “There's something to viscerally upsetting, about having your home literally torn apart. It makes you appreciate having a proper place to live. As a senator's wife, you know, you try to put yourself in the shoes of [less fortunate] people. This…


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